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I have recently purchased a whole set of cool master blade master fans for my water cooling setup and man these cords are short! I want to add some length, but have no idea how to do it. I get the basic idea would be strip back the rubber insulation, solder the new wire together, heat shrink around the wires. What kind of wire should I use to add the length? Will doing this reduce the amount of power the fans will be able to push? Quick replies would be awesome so that I can get these cords all setup before my equipment gets to me on wednesday! Want to play the new COD at least once before I leave for Turkey day :(
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    It is exactly that conundrum that got me into sleeving and more radical mods than a nip or two on a case. You can simply get 4 pin extenders like this Akasa PWM Extension Fan Cable (I sometimes do that).
    Or, yes, you can solder an extension to the fan wire although doing that does void any warranty the fan has. I do that with 18ga stranded wire (and then sleeve it). Because of the short distance there should be no appreciable dropoff either method used

    EDIT: Realized that extension was fairly short - here's a much longer option: ModRight Black-Out Series 4-Pin PWM Extension Cable - 48"
  2. Buy a fan controller. It will come with 3 pin connector cables that are like 1 foot in length. And a $30 controller usually have like 5 fan connector cables for you.
  3. I will go to the store today thanks for the quick reply on the wire I need. As for fan controller I have 4 pin not 3 pin and my case came with the fan controller built in but can't use it because of that issue. Wanted pwm so I don't have to worry about anything.
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