New system for friend... AMD or Intel?

Computer will be used for (some) gaming, internet blah blah, home office stuff, watching videos etc... I'm building this for a friend and he doesn't want to spend alot. I'm looking at some barebones systems as you basically get everything you need minus a few things.
Question is though, I was looking at the i5-750 but have since started looking at the AMD's like a 9650... I'm really not sure which way to go... $$ is a bit of and issue but not a huge deal.
Things like monitor, mouse, keyboard etc don't matter. Key thing is I don't want integrated graphics - VC to be determined later.
Basically, I want to get him a decent Quad of some sort, 4GB DDR3 ram, nothing that will be "yesterdays" news today kind of thing. I want to save him some $ too by giving him my HD4830VC (which served me well for gaming on an e7400) and just have to make sure that it will work in a new MB.
Again, must be DDR3 and Quad... He's not a big gamer so the case etc etc doesn't have to have room for 15 fans kind of thing.
Thanks a bundle!
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  1. ok, you are comparing a first generation phenom to a i5? they aren't even in the same star system... you need to check the pehnom II or athlon II.
    use the sticky format and we will be able to give more info.
  2. some kind of budget would be nice so we know just how cheap it should be
  3. Sorry, I didn't mean 9650, don't know how I got that one in there... meant something like 620 Athlon or 945Phenom... he wants it to be under $1000cdn but that will include mouse, keyboard, monitor everything. He has nothing and needs a full rig. One thing I might do is 'buy' his MB/CPU/Ram at the going rate and he can use my stuff (like I said, he doesn't game or anything just needs a nice office type computer).
    But, for the most part, I am trying to build a machine for under $1000 - that he/we can use the reason I ask about the Intel/AMD thing is the AMD's are certainly cheaper and from what I've heard even for heavy gaming you wouldn't notice a lick of difference.
  4. Wow, thanks! I'll have to see what the guy thinks.
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