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I need some help with my Ram. I had 12GB DDR3 Ram installed on my ASUS P6T MB, and a bit ago it did a "physical memory crash dump thing" and now it's only showing 4GB. It was al there before, and i'm running windows 7 x64, any advice? Did my ram go bad or something else? This rig is about 1 month old
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  1. Oh, and just to post a quick update to my problem, I did a check of my system with Belarc, and its only detecting RAM in 2 of my 6 slots, I have 6 sticks installed. and was working an hour ago. And btw while the rig is about a month old, this mobo is less than 2 weeks old as the last one had an issue with the PCI slots. Could my RAM slots have failed?
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