Power on problems with my system?

When I first push the power button on my system, I see the fan starting to rotate for a couple of seconds as though it is booting up, although nothing is shown on the screen. The fan then stops spinning and nothing happens for a further few seconds before the system appears to come to life. The system then boots up without a problem and you hear the hard drive reading etc. Once booted the system is really stable and there are no problems.

In light of this I ask if this is normal for my system to boot like this (it has always done it). Is it anything I should be concerned about? Why is it doing it?

The specs of my system are as follows:

600watt Silverpower PSU
Antec 300 Black Gamers case
Asus P5Q SE motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E8600
2 Gb (2 x1) Corsair XMS DDr2 800 ram
Asus EN8800 GS HTDP 384mb Video card

Thanks for your help
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  1. Open up your case, Make sure that the FP connections are properly connected, And if they are you might just want to disconnect and reconnect the Power On connector anyway.
  2. Is the system overclocked?
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