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How to overclock i3-2330M processor clocked @ 2.20Ghz

You can't.

OEM's lock their BIOS so there are no liability issues from customers screwing up.

It's also not good to overclock a laptop.
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  1. I want to overclock my sony vaio VPCEH25EN for playing latest upcoming games such GTA V,Battlefield 4,Assassin creed 3 etc.Is there any way to increase clock speed of my cpu.
    Sonyvaio Vpceh25EN
    Processor intel core i3 2330M 2020Ghz
    GPU Nvdia 410M 512MB
    4 GB DDR RAM
  2. What is OEM and how can we unlock it?
  3. Is there any way to upgrade my laptop?
  4. The OEM is Sony and you can't overclock or upgrade a laptop. The only thing you can do is buy a more powerful model.
  5. I have an Alienware M14X and stolen last week. No way to buy a new laptop
  6. Well, I hope they find your laptop! :(

    I'm pretty sure Alienwares DO allow overclocking, but the 14 inch one doesn't have the best cooling. :(
  7. Sorry.
  8. Which is the best desktop configuration under RS 67,000 (1210$). I have a samung Smart TV and any way to connect my TV to CPU.
    Now am planning to buy a new Desktop only for gaming
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  10. codecows said:
    What is OEM and how can we unlock it?

    OEM is original equipment manufacturer :-P
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