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Sli on an 1156 board


is it worth it to sli on an 1156 motherboard...P55A-G55...i heard that 1156 boards(P55 chipset)only supports x8 x8 sli where as the x58 chipset mobos support x16 if i were to buy 2 gtx 460s and sli them would it be worth the extra 200 bucks or would i not notice a huge difference cause its not true sli?....thanks
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    You are looking at roughly a 2% to 3% difference between x16,x16 and x8,x8, so basically very little difference. With that said, I think going with SLI on the LGA 1156 board is worth it... I see no major downside to it, outside of the release of the new LGA 1155 socket in the near future.
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