Help needed with FX4100 quad core

hi guys, basicly im abit of a novice when it comes to over clocking. been teaching my self for a few weeks learnt a decent ammount, only thing is,

im running amd fx bulldozer 4100 quad core
78lmt s2p mother board
radeon hd 5500 gpu
corsair 600 psu .
i have managed to clock it my self to 4Ghz. Done this using the multi in the bois. im looking to get it to over 4.5
at 4Ghz on stress test with prime 95 it sits at 27c. havent changed any of the power out puts as the mother board is set to auto with the power.

only thing is, i keep getting a single core faliure and im not sure how to fix it. as im running a stress test right now? core 1,2,3 and 4 have all ran fine for 23 mins. core 4 has come up with this during the test.
[nov14 10.35] FATAL ERROR: Round was 0.5. expected less than 0.4
[nov14 10.35]Hardware failur detected, consult stress.txt file.
[nov14 10.35} torture test completed 12 times in 23 mins- 1 error 0 warnings
worker stopped.

im not sure what is causing it to be unstable but, even after the core has done this the pc is still running ( typing this as the pc is stress testing the other 3 cores still0
so can any one help me get this sorted and to get the cores up to 4.5 ghz or more.
the case temps are realy good so cooling isnt an issue so far :)
thanks in advance for any help with this. :hello:
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  1. Sounds to me like your voltage on the cpu is not high enough. Try giving it some more and see what happens.
  2. as it is set to maunaul i thought i would do that for me, as it doesnt i guess, what would you recommend? 1.482 or more?
    Edit. i have upped the cpu voltage to 1.462 no crashing now. also put the cores to 4.2 with a x21 multi, could you now suggest me towards a 4.5 ghz or more. temps are 30c
  3. I would look at other people overclocks that were successful and start there. I don't know much about the voltage on those chips. Temps look good. I suppose you could start ramping up the clock speed til it crashes and then bump the core voltage a bit more.
  4. just read somehting on about the core im using, they had a 250 bus freq on the core, put mine to 225 and lowerd the multi a little, got it to 4.6 running prime 95 and its now at 50c wtill with the voltage at 1.462
  5. With a 78lmt-s2p you cant get 4ghz with auto. I tried, but same thing happen on 78lmt-s2p. After upgrade to 970a-d3 that prob solve. I am now running 4ghz @ auto. Its the chipset which is holding you back. Yours is 760g chip and its old for fx-4100

    I am also running fx-4100.
  6. the core failure is due to not enough voltage. teat the settings.

    and like Mubin said could be the MB. you may want to see if there is a bios update.
  7. Bios update will not work. I tried with my 78lmt-s2p. Then upgrade to 970a d3
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