Warming don't use intel ddr3 ram on amd system!!!

The question has been asked many times; can i use a ddr3 xmp ram that designed for intel chipset with amd system. You can use it but prepare to deal with a lot of compatibility issues and higher risk of damaging your ram. Make the story short. I build a new computer and everything seems be to fine, intel ddr3 rams were a lot cheaper. I designed to try it out due to the fact that a lot of people say in this forum that intel ddr3 ram is still ddr3 ram.

First of all, I think I damaged two sets of intel ddr3 ram when I was trying to overclock my system. I never exceeded the safe voltages that most overclockers are using. My cpu volt was below 1.5, cpu-nb volt was below 1.4, and dimm voltage was never higher than 1.76 volts. I tried three pairs of ram. Two pairs of sector 5 ram and one pair of corsair dominator. They either only works for about a few days or they won’t run at advertised speed with rated voltage. My patriot sector 5 ram won’t run on 1333mhz with 1.65 volts as advertised. I’m sure all the latency is correct because I set it manually. I even tried with 1.71 volts and it still didn’t run at rated speed.

The day of sdram, ddr, and ddr2 era is over. Not all DDR3 rams work the same. Not sure why so many users said that there’s no difference between rams that are designed for intel and amd; even corsairs and patriot techs strongly against using rams that are not designed for their chipsets. There are reasons that they do that; it doesn’t make sense that they like to limit buyers to certain categories of ram. In fact, they might even lose more business. For anyone that thinks intel ddr3 will work with amd boards. They do not, I learned it the hard way and you guys can learn it the easy way by learning for my mistakes. I just got another pair of corsair ram that is designed for both platforms; there’s no problem with it so far.
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  1. You heard it hear first folks, a "newcomer" has told us all that we are all wrong. Don't worry about the fact that we have no idea of his real expertise, or that he applied 1.71 volts to memory rated for 1.65. We are all wrong, start spreading the word.
  2. This is cute,
    I never exceeded the safe voltages that most overclockers are using

    you should NEVER exceed voltages, SAFE is with in the manufacturers specifications, outside of this is 'UNSAFE' (and that's why your warranty is voided, other wise they'd "warranty/guarantee it") and hardware, even 2 of the same product can respond differently (which is why you have lots of different speed CPU's that all use the same core, because some have basically 'better' silicon then others, and is tested and sold as a under clocked or partially disabled(like a GPU or CPU (triple core) with some of the cores disabled so that it wont fail while using the same amount of power.)

    The reason why you couldn't turn your 1333mhz memory upto 1333mhz was possibly due to incorrect memory timings, you might of had the first 4 correct, but there is many other latency's which need setting, which is not done automaticly unless you have the correct intel motherboard (which is why these sticks are labelled intel only.

    If you want memory to just plug in and work, intel memory is fine in AMD.

    If you had to ask if it's compatible on the internet and you want to be over cloaking it, or even run it at the correct speeds, than you should not be buying it.
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