How high of an overclock will my MOBO support?

I have a Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2p with a 4+1 Power phase.

My CPU is a Phenom IIx6 currently OC'd to 2.93 with stock cooler. I'm getting my Hyper212 today and I want to know if I could achieve an overclock of at least 3.6ghz without increasing my Vcore( Default Vcore is 1.425)
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  1. There are to many variables to know if you can accomplish that or not. Most Phenom X6 can hit 3.6Ghz quite easily and usually can get close to 4.0Ghz with a higher Vcore.

    Is this a Black edition CPU?
  2. Its a 1045 Thuban 2.7ghz , not a black edition unfortunately.
  3. thuban is 2.8ghz ... you can't get over 3ghz with GA-M68MT-S2p, except your CPU 1055T 95W TDP . want OC higher must have big chipset mobo min some 770 had 140W TDP, 880/890/970/990
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