How much memory do I need?

Hi guys...

Are there any guides out there that I can refer get an idea how much RAM do we minimum amount...what is the maximum amount...or is it based on individual preferences?
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  1. Well deciding on the size of the RAM depends a lot on personal preference and the type of applications, games that the user is going to use. Some of the factors would be:

    1. How many Bit OS. If the user has 32bit OS, his choice would have to be restricted to 3GB because more than 3.25GB is not detected by a 32bit OS. For more RAM, you have to have a 64bit OS.

    2. The application and games. Mostly a 4GB RAM is enough to run all the games, application that are there in the market today. But for room some people would go for 6GB RAM's. But that's also way too much. Few years ago 2GB of RAM was enough. Now 4GB is the obvious choice, because apps have become heavy and 64bit OS's are coming into the market well. Few years later 6GB of RAM would become the norm and so on.

    3. Budget. Although not a pivotal point, sometimes a user will be restricted to smaller RAM's just coz he doesn't have a money.

    But point no. 2 is the most important of them all.
  2. ^+1

    I would get 4GB on 64bit platform unless you plan to do video/audio editing then I would think about 6+
  3. Thanks for the replies guys...which games or what type of games use a lot of RAM...what are the signs that I need to get more RAM?
  4. The correct answer is the Memory Minimum is dictated by your required environment, and limited by your OS and hardware.

    Good link -

    Rule of thumb not withstanding what I already stated:

    OS 32-bit:
    2 Slot - 1 X2 GB or 2 X1GB {H/W dictated}
    4 Slot - 2 X1 GB
    6 Slot - 3 X1 GB {6 Slot systems "should run" x64}

    OS 64-bit
    2 Slot - 2 X2 GB {H/W dictated}
    4 Slot - 2 X2 GB
    6 Slot - 3 X2 GB
    12 Slot - 6 X2GB

    Configurations {general}:
    DDR2/DDR3 - Dual Channel {get only matching sets of RAM}
    DDR3 - Tri Channel {get only matching sets of RAM}
    DDR3 - Hexa Channel {get only matching sets of RAM/recommend getting 6X sets only}

    4 Slot - Dual Channel works best X2 sticks
    6 Slot - Tri Channel works best X3 sticks
    12 Slot - X2 Tri Channel works best X6 sticks
    Half the channels empty work more efficently vs all full.
  5. When u say "Half the channels empty work more efficently vs all full" does it mean the memory channel or the mainboard memory slots?
  6. Yes it is more efficient between the CPU and RAM not to max the DDR slots, it becomes somewhat a bottleneck to I/O all the channels/lanes though be it a small one.

    Example X58 6-Slots:
    E | 4 | E | 4 | E | 4 | - 12GB {most efficient 12 GB configuration}
    2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | - 12GB

    AMD3 4-Slots:
    4 | E | 4 | E | - 8GB {most efficient 8 GB configuration}
    2 | 2 | 2 | 2 | - 8GB
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