Windows 7 restore/recovery fail cycle

I was having issues with my optical drive and foolishly followed the advice of Emachines tech support. I performed a system restore to original factory settings that was supposed to move my user files to c:/backup. It all failed. My computer now gets stuck on "Windows is loading setup files" or something, and the. I get a dialogue box saying installation failed and would continue after restart.

I have tried using a system recovery disc, and get the same issues. I have tried to get it to boot in safe mode, last known good, and get the same error and restart cycle. Memory tests show no issues and I am at my last wit because there were important documents and photos I can't ever get back. I do have a backup drive but it was a few hundred gigs too small, and so I couldn't backup everything I need. Please help!!
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  1. I would attempt to do a repair installation, which will get rid of all Windows updates but would save your data. Depending on your Windows version, you do either a repair or update installation, and read and understand all of the directions before doing anything:
  2. Repair install, I believe that's exactly what I tried that caused this issue or made this issue pop up. I chose that option cuz it promised to save all user data to c/backup and then restore the os to factory settings without any updates etc the link didn't have any specific info regarding my problem, nor did the forums as far as I could research.... Thanks for trying though. I am still havin this problem :(
  3. A system restore is different than a system repair installation or update installation. What I suggest does not delete your programs or data files.
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