I7 3770k maximum overclock?

how high would a i7 3770k over-clock too? with a corsair hydro h60
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  1. hmmmm.... I've seen it hit over 4 GHZ, but I wouldn't risk over 4.3ish...
  2. the h60 is not a good cooler
  3. ^+1

    It also depends on your chip.

    There are MANY factors when it comes to overclocking!
  4. Managed to get mine to a steady 4.7ghz using this cooler:

  5. hello,

    I have an i7 3770k, running with a cooler master v6gt @ 4.4 ish, after that it gets a little unstable, its been running for almost 2 weeks now...so i shouldnt see no problems going to 4,4 Ghz
  6. I read some one who got it very stable wiht H100i crosair's cooler at 4.6Ghz

    maybe you want to get a new cooler
  7. Every chip is different. You won't know how far your CPU can overclock until you try.
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