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After assembling my PC and connecting it, I had problems with the computer booting, and then shutting off about 10-15 seconds later. The fans were running, so I assumed it was a component problem. After removing all of the components other than the PSU and CPU/HSF, I tried it again, and the PC would not boot at all.

I've followed the steps in the sticky with no results, and am currently breadboarding the PSU (a 700-watt OCZ) and the CPU/Mobo (i5-570)/(DP55WB) together with no results. The LED in the mobo turns on, but shorting the power switch has no effect. I was able to test the PSU on another motherboard, so I know that works.

I don't see any external damage, so I can't tell what's wrong. I don't really have the budget to replace either the motherboard or the CPU, so is there anything I can do here?
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  1. It won't work without at least 1 memory stick installed, do you have 1 stick of memory inserted?
  2. If you do, and you have gone through the trouble shooting list thoroughly, then you may have a bad board. Since you say you don't have the money for another board, I am assuming these are not new parts you have just bought? I am not understanding your problem completely, what you are saying is not making sense.
  3. jitpublisher said:
    It won't work without at least 1 memory stick installed, do you have 1 stick of memory inserted?

    I see. I wasn't aware of that. The sticky made it seem otherwise.

    It still doesn't boot up properly, unfortunately. The moment I switch on the PSU (not the mobo power switch), the fans all spin for about a second then stop, rinse, repeat.

    And no, other than the drives (which aren't plugged in atm), all of these parts are new.
  4. Do you have a speaker hooked up to the board, any beep codes?
    Are you sure the processor is seated correctly, and the cooling fan is plugged into the correct place. If you have double checked all of these, it is time to get in touch with where ever you bought the board and start the RMA process I am afraid.
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