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Hello People,
I am going to buy a new Graphic Card. I have 3 options:
1) ATI 5770
2) ATI 4890
3) GTX 260 Black Edition

Can you please tell me which one is better?
I have core 2 duo , 600 watt supply, 4 GB of ram, 500 GB of HD Sata1, 16** X 12** res and I am planning to play games like Crysis and GTA 4.
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  1. The 4890 is the top performer out of the bunch in dx9/10. The 5770 is, of course, the only DX11 option, and the 260 can be used for GPU driven PhysX games for some extra eye candy.

    You don't mention if your CPU is overclocked, or even what model it is, so I think the most responsible choice regarding balance between gpu and cpu would be the 5770. At that resolution, all of the cards will shine, but the 4890's playground is at 1920x1080/1200, and there may be some wasted money in purchasing it for your resolution, whereas the 5770 at least gives other bonuses, and is a bit closer to a prime resolution for that card with your display.
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