No video signal from new card

I just got this card today (inno 3d 9600gso 384mb) and put in to my pcie slot attached all the power wires and turned my pc on to install the drivers off the disk, i keep getting an error message from the installer saying it can't find my hardware.

The fan on the cards spin and i downloaded drivers from nvidia site and installed them but still no change.

My specs are:
AMDx2 7750 (no oc)
1gb ram
160GB hdd
Optiarc DVDRW
Biostar MCP6P M2+
600w PSU
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  1. I've also noticed it takes around 30 seconds longer to post with the new card in but i still only get a video signal from the onboard.

    do i need a new card?
  2. What card did you have before you changed? An ATI card? If so then use Driversweeper to remove all ATI drivers from your computer.

    When you plug in the new card you should have your monitor plugged into the card and not the integrated graphics. If you’re not getting a signal then double check/re-plug and connect all power connectors and re-seat the card to ensure a good connection. If that does not work then maybe you did get a defective card.
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