How to lower VTT?

Intel i7 920
DFI Lan Party T3EH8 x58 Motherboard
Asus CUII Radeon 7950
Corsair H100
Corsair 400R case with Apache and scythe fans
Corsair 6gb Dominator (7-8-7 20)
DarkPower 1200w Gold PSU
On board audio

Just going through the paces with my second overclock and this one is a bit more complicated than the last

I clocked my i7 920 to 3.5 a few months back with no problems at all, now I'd really like to creep it up to 4Ghz and possibly a little further if thats possible but 4 is my target at the moment

So I've followed this guide

And my specs that I've implimented so far are
ioh 1.2
ich 1.15
vdimm to 1.65
cpu pll 1.90
vcore to 1.275
CPU VTT 1.39
Bclk to 191 and I'm stable (would like to get this to 200 ideally)
x20 multiplier (this cannot be upped on my motherboard, only bought down to 19)

Temperature doesnt go above 66 degrees at full load with Prime95 so I have the heat headroom but, coming to my problem, every time I go further with the Bclk it gives me the 0x124 BSOD which according to my searches is either "too much or too little VTT" I have experimented with less and it BSOD's faster. I have also set it to 1.45 and 1.44 for test purposes and both times the screen has remained blank and I've had to reset the motherboard via the jumper so... I dont really know what to do to bring down the VTT. Is there anything else I can change in the BIOS to appease my VTT?

I have tried the following:

-Upping Vcore to 1.3 and 1.3250 = exactly the same BSOD in around the same amount of time on prime

-Changing the latency of my RAM to 8-9-8-20 = Made absolutley no difference, moved Bclk to 195 from 191 whilst doing this, BSOD came 10 secs after starting Prime95

Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated, its my 3rd day at this and I've only had one night of sleep :pt1cable: :heink: :pt1cable:
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  1. henydiah said:

    Ok, read that. Was there something on that website that answered my problem? I didnt see it if it did, would you mind elaborating on what I might be missing please buddy!? Cheers
  2. you had limited motherboard for OC
  3. henydiah said:
    you had limited motherboard for OC

    Ah right so the CPU VTT is motherboard locked rather than CPU locked is that what your saying?
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