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Phenom II X4 965 BE vs Q9550

Title says it all, Phenom II X4 965 BE or the Q9550 ..

Phenom II X4 965 BE: 3.4GHz, 6mb cache, 4000 MT/s bus
Q9550 : 2.83GHz, 12mb cache, 1333 MT/s bus

Do AMD's need special motherboards or something? I have a MSI P6NGM-L
The kind of VGA that would be running would be (still looking for a good vga) : 4770-4890-4870-4850, GTS 250 OC-GTX 260 SOC-GTS 250 Core Edition .. Most likely a 4890 since its the best on the list right now.

So my questions are :

What CPU is better?
Would either one fit/work on my motherboard?
What is the best vga in the list above?
Whats the best vga/cpu that would power together and work fine?
Theres my motherboard.

I'm at 1920x1080 resolution, samsung 2333SW monitor.

Thanks =)
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  1. You would be using the Intel with that motherboard. Check your manufacturer and BIOS version to see if it supports that CPU though.

    Furthermore the video is between the 4890 and the GTX260, im not sure which one is more powerful.

    oh, and nice screen. Also have samsung and I love it. P2250. pretty much same as yours but smaller. beautiful stuff. better yet, I picked it up here for $140 ish, but that is because this is the middle east.

    anyways you better go with intel, because that AMD chip is not going to be working in your socket.
  2. Well, i think im going to go with the 260gtx and not sure about the cpu! :S
    I got my monitor for $200ish .. im also from the middle east - Egypt xD

    About the cpu, hmm i want a quad core but i asked for the Q9550 and they never had any :S
  3. The best priced quad core for you may be the Q9400. See if they have one of those.

    Your motherboard can use all C2Q/C2D CPUs (excluding the extremes).

    As far as between the Phenom II 965 and Q9550... The Phenom II will likely squish the Q9550 at stock, but once overclocked i'd see the Q9550 having a 'slight' advantage. You'd need a benchmark to tell the difference however.

    If you can't find any C2Qs don't panic, a cheaper C2Duo will still work in games. Just get something equal or greater to an E7200 and you'll be fine with a 4890 on most games. CPU dependent games like GTA IV beg for quad core, but that's one of the very few.
  4. yes i was just playing some GTA4 coincidentially, and the Phenom 2 absolutely rocks with it.

    Can pretty much put the settings up until video memory is full :( 512mb...

    If you really want a quad core see if they have any C2Qs, otherwise, you should be able to get a cheap AMD board and Phenom 2. don't cost much compared to intel...

    as for monitor: Middle East Prices FTW!!!
  5. Q9550 definitely, but just to know Q9550 is expensive of i5. So better get i5 750.
    And if you fun of MSI get (MSI P55-GD65 or GD80 little expensive) and for C2Q or C2D MSI P45-C51 with DDR3 for few months DDR2 will be more expensive.

    GPU GTX260,but for that money get MSI R5770 Hawk is much better graphic card.
  6. Im not so sure whether you want intel... heard the rumors of the socket going out of service in 1-2 years...?

    I would go for AMD for a good bit less, and the future upgradeablility route.
  7. Socket 775 is already an old socket, no new CPUs will come out for it but the OP already has a socket 775 mobo. Therefore it would be cheaper for him to go for the C2Q than for a new AMD mobo and CPU.

    The best GPU of the above is the 4890 if you can get it for a decent price, however, for that resolution you might want to consider a 5850 ifyou plan to max out all settings on games.
  8. If you are short with money go with AMD, cheaper. If you have enought money then go with Intel.

    Phenom II X4 965 BE is good CPU, Q9550 even better but expensive. And for that money, better buy i5 750.

    Is socket 1156 is alredy dead?
    Everythime when i buy CPU i buy new mobo, so for me this is not a problem.
  9. Guys, read the original post before replying. He's already got a socket 775 mobo.
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    I have the Phenom II 940 B.E. @3.6 ghz stable and water cooled and I have A Q9550 also @ 3.4 ghz stable on air. Both are good processors and if you have a 775 socket mother board already that can handle over clocking then go with the Q9550. It does score alittle higher on PC mark 06 then the Phenom II 940 when overclocked past 3.4ghz. Either way both are good processors, and I am sure you'll be happy with either one.
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