Help low 5870 scores :(

hi guys let me give u my exact setup 1st.

Core 2 Quad Q9550 E0 running at 3.6ghz
Asus p5q-se mobo
Samung 250gb sata 2 harddrive.
Kingston hyper X DDR2 4gb 1066mhz memory
PowerColor 5870 standard gfx
Corsair TX650W Power Supply

im getting low performace results.
i tried 3d mark vantage in performance mode GPU score = 14362
Crysis on very high settings maxed out just about get 30fps if lucky stays around 25.
batman benchmark very high settings without phsyx it get 47 fps average.
i dont understand im very upset with the batman and vantage most important.
as im reading 5870 should be getting around 16000+ on most benchmarks on performance mode.
and in batman i have read at least 60 fps benchmark.
and im sure it cant be the cpu at 3.6ghz
unless its my power supply or something aint set right can anyone help.
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  1. What is your screen resolution, and your 5870 3d clock speeds set at ?

    All of your components look worthy of the 5870, so it would most likely be a software issue, such as a bad driver install.

    Uninstall ATI drivers through the Control Panel, reboot, run drivercleaner Pro, reboot, then install new ATI 10.1 drivers.

    That is the safe way to reinstall drivers. Good luck.
  2. The PSU can't affect performance, just stability and general "does it work."

    Did you upgrade from something recently? What drivers are you using? What resolution are you gaming at? The GPU score does seem perhaps a touch low, but not abhorrently so. Toms review pegs it at 15500, guru3d got 16000, though many other review sites use a custom run.
  3. ok thns guys for replys..
    i game at 1920x1080 and the new 10.1 DRIVers i upgraded from a 4870..
    but i uninstalled from control panel and then used driver sweeper then i put new drivers :s
  5. Well, it can't hurt to uninstall drivers once more, try it again.
  6. i have tried everything even uninstalled in safe mode and used driver sweeper..
  7. Have you tried:

    defragging all your harddrives.
    Reverting to an older ATI CCC version
    Updating your BIOS
    Also, try ruuning other games or benchmarks and posting the results here, the games you mentioned (Crysis and Batman) are really much better on Nvidia cards, so maybe try running a bench of HAWX or a STALKER benchmark and posting the results.
  8. yep i defrag my pc once evryday lol.
    ive also used older cc versions like the cd i got with my card.
    my bios has the latest version.
  9. Install GPUz and run it in the background while playing a game.

    What clock speed is it reporting and what temperature? Stock is 850/1200. Look for any clock drops - it should be a nice smooth graph when the game is running.
    I would like to see a post with clock speed, memory speed, temp and voltage from GPUz

    What kind of fps did you get with the 4870 - was it in line with other 4870's?
  10. had gpuz on while playing..
    clocks were 850/1200 all normal .
    with the 4870 from what i gather it was very good but i am not sure if it was in line with other versions it was an xfx
  11. maybe it's fan's not working've checked temperture?
    also what windows you're using ?
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