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Hello, I just recently finished my build and I have been looking into some closed watercooling solutions as the stock heatsink fan isn't that great. My Max budget would be around 100$. My main worry is it not fitting in my case but I also want input from you guys on good brands and models etc.


Case: Rosewill Challanger Mid-Tower -
Mobo: MSI 990XA-GD55
CPU: AMD FX 6300 w/ stock heatsink
GPU: Gigabyte 7870
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 575 Watt
SSD: Samsung 830 128GB
HDD: 1TB WD Black
RAM: 8GBs Corsair 1600
Random DVD drive

My case has a side panel with the option to mount 2 120mm Fans. Could that be useful to install these liquid cooling radiators w/ their fans?
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  1. I don't really recommend using closed water loops ever- But in my option anything lower a h-100 240mm rad system is a waist. and you better off with an air cooled heat sink. I think that t40 is only 40 bucks and is about the same as the h-80 if not better then. down side is the cooler is fairly large.

    Edit: to express my feeling and not we as a whole
  2. Closed loop water coolers cost more, perform worse, and are louder than good air coolers. They are not recommended
  3. Probably just better off going with a good air cooler. Hyper 212+ is really cheap and performs very well...I've used it for a couple of recent builds for people and have had great success.

    For under $100 any closed loop cooler you can buy would perform about the same as an air cooler within the same price range or less.
  4. Hmm. Well even if they do perform similarly the closed water cooling would produce less sound right?
  5. Not necessarily, but noise is pretty subjective depending on who you are. For a closed loop cooler to perform really well and beat out normal air cooling, they usually need to have fans set to higher speeds. Closed loop liquid coolers aren't even close to the same league as normal watercooling even though they use the same basic principles.
  6. Would something like this beat out the H60 or the Antec Kuhler 620?

    Also please suggest some good closed water cooling brands even if you think they are equivalent to air cooled options so I can get an idea if they fit or not etc. which was my main question. Thanks.
  7. H80 or H100, otherwise a good air cooler. I'm partial to the 212+, but that's just me...I like that it's fairly cheap and works really well...also very quiet in 1 fan config.
  8. Regular 212 or Evo?
  9. I've used the regular/212+, not the Evo, but would likely use it.
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