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hi guys
just wondering how much of an overclock you can get with this CPU (core i7 3770K). Assume here I'm using a thermaltake water 2.0 extreme and have a 200 dollar motherboard, and like to keep risks to a decently low level. How much can I get it to, and what are the exact settings for this overclock.
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  1. Well, from my experiences with an i5 3570k, try to keep frequency at 4.5ghz or under: anything above is unnecessarily overkill. (For most people, any OC is overkill :P) You should be able to get 4.5 with 1.2-1.25 vcore. My chip is able to hit 4.5 on 1.2v, LLC at 50%.

    My recomendation to start is 4.5 ghz, 1.18v. Prime95 for at least 6 hours, and keep bumping voltage untill you're stable. After you're stable 6 hours, restart, turn up all fans to max, and get a 12 hour blend test. If it passes that with max temps under 80, you should be golden. With your cooler, shouldn't have issues. Good luck, and enjoy it!
  2. Alright, thanks man, that helped heaps :D
    any recommendations for overclocking an asus 7970 and corsair vengeance ram?
    thanx again
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