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Hello, I am looking to make high end movies using E-on's Vue 8. I am buying a new computer just for the task. But, it has been mentioned to me several times that building my own computer will save me money. And I can build it to the highest specification's possible. I see the sense in this, however I know little about building my own computer. Whats the best processor to use? Whats the best motherboard to use? Whats the best hard drive to use? Shell, memory, sound card, ext. ext. ext. Where do I get these parts? Do any of them come with a warranty? Will they be expensive? Would it just be better to go to HP or DELL and buy a already assembled computer? A lot of questions, any help would be appreciated.
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  1. If you look at the top of the forum it has some sticky's that will answer a lot of questions and has a nice step by steps how to build a PC.

    To answer your questions a bit of info would be helpful

    1 Budget

    2 Monitor rez

    3 Any parts you are thinking about reusing


    If you can read this and post back with more info would be grate

    I am sure the people at Tom"s can help you out
  2. I'm not really sure what components would be best to make computer out of for that purpose, but you have more control over the components that go in; with a pre-built you have to take it (unless you happen to find the perfect machine) and pay for something that you won't use, or something that is underpowered. Also typically pre-builts use components that are non-standard so it's harder to make upgrades or the components are of questionable quality. And remember the overhead for labour costs and profit.
    Also once you've finished building it doesn't have loads of crappy OEM software on it.
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