Pre-built newegg pc for father - help please

i didn't know what other category to put it. srry.

he only uses for internet and light gaming. needs to come w/ graphic card capable of 2560x1600 resolution (dual dvi-d)

hoping to spend as little as possible $300-600. (not include monitor)

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  1. which one is it?
  2. i am looking for recommendations from others. i am not skilled at computers.
  3. for that price range i suggest building one. you can get some really good advice from people here and there are some very good guides. The pc would end up being a bit cheaper than pre built if you are willing to put it in a day or two of time. Here are some parts i would suggest if you plan on building:
    cpu/graphics card. This combo would be more than capable for what your dad will need
    Here is an operating system which obviously you will need and a motherboard which has great reveiws
    cd drive

    This brings you a bit over budget do to shipping but it is a thousand times better than what you can buy prebuilt

    in terms of the machine you picked out these graphics will kill it anyday and this is better in almost every way. The core two quads are units that are gonna be phased out soon and the ones i gave you are very upgradeable in the future. Plus this will give you some computer expierience. (i am 13 and i built a computer by myself. Im pretty sure that if you follow one of the guides on this site you can build one yourself and if you can't you probably have at least one tech savy friend that could help you.)
  4. omg i made a newbie mistake i forgot about the ram. Switch the gpu and cpu to this and here is some good ram

    sorry i screwed up which made me go over budget.
  5. He says hes not skilled, so i doubt he going to put it together himself..

    Those are the best i could find, depends on how much your willing to spend
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