Cant see all file on old hdd

Greetings all...

Got a new win7 64 ultimite machine with two hdd(s), one for the operating system, one for flight simulator. I installed a third hdd (which was in my old winxp machine) that I used as storage, pic, music,etc.

Now when I look at that drive, I can't see all the files?

Any help would be great

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  1. You may just need to take ownership of the files:
  2. Thx Realbeast...

    I read the link, but I can't see the files that I would take ownreship of. I ensured that I had show all flies enabled..ummm

    thx again
  3. You can take ownership at a folder level if you can see the folder where the files should be located -- right click folder and open security tab and put in Everyone as authorized users. You also may be able to see the files if they are hidden and you make them visible with show hidden files, although it sounds like you've done that already. If the files were encrypted you would likely have to use XP to unencrypt them. There are also file recover programs like Recuva that will work if you don't have the option on using a Win XP machine for recovery.
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