Onboard video or Nvidia pci video card?


I just built a system with:

4 gigs ddr3 ram
ASUS M4A78T-E motherboard
amd Phenom II X4 955 BE cpu
320 gig HD
windows 7

I haven't look in the bios to much yet to switch the machine to work with a PCI video card, when I plug in my Nvidia 8600GTS the screen is just black and I get a beep, Onboard video does work tho. My question: should I use my Nvidia 8600GTS or is the onboard ati radeon HD 3300 better for video?
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  1. well for gaming, not just video.
  2. Neither one, they both suck compared to the rest of your system. And neither one is any good for gaming.

    Unless you want your video card to be an enormous drag on your system, you'll need a more modern card. I'd say at least an HD 4850 or a 9800 GTX, but it would even make sense to go into the HD 5000 series depending on how much you want to spend.
  3. I kinda figured. I upgraded everything else and I know that card is liek 3 years old. I'll have to check out whats out there... I Like Nvidia, are those HD 5000 good ATI cards? I am looking for a good card for a reasonable price. Also, My mobo has a HDMI, so If I get a card that doesn't have one, I should still be able to use the one on the mobo because of the 790FX chipset right?
  4. I just went in there for a DVD and saw that
    The XFX 4850 is $84.99 (Carolina Place Pkwy, Pineville NC)
    The BFG GTS 250 OC is $115
    at Best Buy (website does not show sale price)

    I picked up a GTS 250 on Tuesday and it has been a very sweet upgrade from the 8800GT. I really didn't think it was going to be much of a change but it has really surprised me with its great performance in all of my games allowing me max settings on about everything.
  5. Under $150 is good for me... So whats the best I can throw in there.. and Nvidia or ATI?
  6. Your pick
    On a 'sale' deal I would definitely check out the 4850 or the GTS 250.
    For under $120 (give room for tax ouch) you could have either card
    but don't forget the new ATi 5700 cards. They are supposed to be really hot.
  7. are they out? I wanna pick up a card tonight
  8. The 5000 series are the best cards on the market right now if you can afford them. For your system, I'd say the 5850 is the best match if you can afford the $300, otherwise get the 5770.

    Nvidia cards are unfortunately a few months behind right now, and more expensive in the range that would be good for your system. Honestly, the 4850 or 250 would be OK if you can't afford a 5000 series, but still a little weaker than the rest of your system.
  9. Does best buy have the 5000 series... outher wise ill hit up milwaukee PC on the way home from work
  10. I have no idea if Best Buy would have it, but my guess is probably not ... and if you buy a high-end video card at a physical retail store, you can expect to pay a good $50 or $100 markup over ordering online. Here, try one of these and you'll be much happier:


    In the couple of days it takes for your card to arrive, you can probably get by with the 8600 as long as you're not planning on playing Crysis or anything.
  11. awesome thanks. I will ahve to look into which way want to go.
  12. Mazda6Man said:
    Does best buy have the 5000 series... outher wise ill hit up milwaukee PC on the way home from work

    Best Buy has the 5770 for $209, and the 5750 for... $189 I think
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