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Will dedicated PHYSX be worth it on GA-EP45-UD3P

Ok I think I read this MB has 1 full 16x PCI-E slot and if the 2nd slot is populated it sets both slots to 8x.. I know this is a C-fire board but I have always had Nvidia cards not a bias just have them so whatever, Anyway I have a GTX260 216 in slot 1 and have a choice of 9600gt or 9800gtx+ for slot 2 ok so will dropping the GTX 260 to 8x be a bad thing and will I gain enough with the dedicated physx?? I know most people will say try it and see just wanting to know if anyone has tried a setup that reduces pci-e lanes to both cards and how that effects things if at all?

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    Alot of people here will say Physx is over rated and not worth it, and frankly if you dont accually play the 4 or so games that have it there would be no point in having it.

    Having the 260 be in a x8 slot will not hamper performance much 1680x1050 resolution will be unnoticable but 1920x1080 with very high AA might.
  2. I do play at 1920x1080 and settings as high as I can hence the question I do play Batman AA and Unreal (not a biggie but fun) want to try more..

    Found this link helps a bit if it's true :heink:

    Who knows never know if some people just make this stuff up :pfff:

    Well Thanks guess I will just have to try it out. Not sure if my 650 power supply will power 260 + 9800gtx+ hmmm
  3. It should, two 4870, 5770, 5870s need only 600w for crossfire.,review-31780-6.html
    Atlest on an i7 or i5 the performance hit was only 4% comparing x16 vs x8 with 5870s, more than twice the power of a 260GTX.
  4. soooo ... you have a GTX 260 that can handle PhysX on its own, and you're thinking of adding a second card for PhysX? Not so sure about that one.

    Over on the nvidia forums, there was a whole thread full of people testing out the exact same thing you're talking about. The conclusion seemed to be that in most cases, if you have a decent nvidia card already, offloading PhysX to a second card provides zero improvement in gameplay, with the only noticeable effect being to use more power and generate more heat:

    One guy claimed a slight improvement, but on the other hand, a couple others claimed that offloading part of the work to an inferior card actually slowed things down.

    With results like that, and considering that you'd be sacrificing bandwidth, it doesn't sound like this would be worth doing even if you got the second card for free, much less if you had to pay $100+ for it. I think the dedicated PhysX card option is mostly useful only if your main card is made by ATI.
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