How do I make a network with USB internet connection?

My main PC is running Windows Vista. My internet is via 3g to a USB port. How can I make this my gateway, sharing my internet connection and files, etc., with other devices, including my Archos, a slingcatcher, and my laptop? I do have my Linksys WRT54G router, but my gateway simply refuses to acknowledge that I have an internet connection, and the best I can accomplish is a local network, with 'limited connectivity.' Any ideas or detailed instructions would be most appreciated.
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  1. You could try using Windows Internet Connection Sharing (see Windows Help, ICS)
    but, frankly, this is not a great solution and I don't know how well it would work with other devices.

    The problem with USB modems is that they don't readily interconnect with anything other than your computer.

    Assuming you're on ADSL, I would do as we did and dump the ISP supplied device and get a proper ADSL modem/router with wireless (the Netgear DG834GT in this case). Check the ISP's website Help setion and see if they recommend router models -- or suggest how to connect common brands.
  2. Yeah, I have been fighting with ICS for days, and just can't make my PC pass along it's internet connection (ethernet port keeps saying that it is only a local connection, with limited connectivity). And, it is not ADSL; it's 3g, and the best I can do where I live.
  3. You must use a crossover ethernet cable between computers unless one of the computers has an auto-sensing network port.
  4. but, I am not necessarily trying to direct one computer to another. I want to share my internet connection between my main PC, my wireless laptop, my Archos, and a slingcatcher.
  5. Well, no harm in experimenting as cables are cheap and one way to troubleshoot networking is to connect two computers directly.

    I should also have mentioned that you must turn off all firewalls when setting up a network.
  6. hmmmmmmmm........I do have at least one crossover cable (CAT5e, right?), so maybe I could quickly connect my laptop to my PC, just to see.........but, one thing that still troubles me, is that my input is via USB port, and my PC's ethernet card just doesn't seem to 'see' that I do have internet, or am I totally off base?
  7. As I said USB modems are a pest, but as you say you have no choice. Unfortunately my knowledge of 3G is pretty much zero as I barely even use my pay as you go mobile phone.

    I know there are 'proper' modem/routers for cellphone internet. Might be worth investigating that.
  8. I have one on order, but it won't be here until the end of this month, and I really miss my American Football.
  9. Try Soccer !
  10. funny, ha ha?
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