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I just ordered the samsung 830 series ssd 128gb for my desktop. can anyone give me some step by step instructutions on what I need to do before, during, and after instal? Such as firmware updates...before during or after? etc. My first ssd purchase. I dont wanna screw it up. Thanks
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    Just set your bios sata mode to AHCI before doing your windows installation. The most recent firmware for the Samsung can be downloaded here:

    You can update it before or after the Windows install, if you have an extra computer available, I would do it before.

    After install optimize your drive, here is a good guide:
  2. I just built using the same drive. All I had to do is connect it and install WIN. Mobo defaulted to AHCI and SSD had most recent firmware.

    Here is a link that I used to learn more about SSD optimization:
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