BFG GeForce 210 or integrated GeForce 8200?

Hello, I'm building a low budget non gaming rig that'll mostly be used for photo editing and HD playback. The mobo is a EVGA 113-M2-E113 730a with a integrated GeForce 8200 GPU. I've come across the BFG GeForce 210 low profile card for $20 and I was wondering if there would be any noticeable difference in using the card versus the integrated 8200 GPU. The 210 card is a few tiers above the integrated 8200. Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. i think G210 should be fine for you if you don't intend to play games with your rig. by the way photo editing does not require GPU power
  2. Thanks, I know it won't do anything for photo editing. Can anyone tell me whether or not I'll see any real world improvements? Will there be any improvement in HD playback? Basically, since I'm not doing any gaming, could I benefit in ANY way with the 210 card? If so, could you give me examples of how so. Thanks again.
  3. That is just freaking weird. Im probably going to get the exact same card to replace the exact same gpu. Anyways, on a budget system it is more than likely you are going to notice a difference because the 8200 will no longer be borrowing 512mb of ram to power itself, so it will be like you added half a gigabyte of ram.
  4. it should help some on web surfing, site video playback, fast scrolling, etc.,
    it may help on HD playback, will let you dual monitor so you can watch a movie and surf the web (assuming you have two monitors)

    plus its $20
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