Intel Core i5 Processor 650 (3 20GHz 4MB) vs Intel Core i5 Processor 750 (2 66GH


Which is better? Intel Core i5 Processor 650 (3 20GHz 4MB) OR Intel Core i5 Processor 750 (2 66GHz 8MB)?

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  1. It depends on the apps you use. If you runs apps that can take advantage of all 4 cores, the i5 750 is better.
  2. Yeah for what are you planing to use the PC?
  3. If you don't need 4 cores you should consider an i3. The i5 dual cores are vastly overpriced considering they have a quad for the same price that will only be slightly slower on single threaded apps.
  4. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    As others said it depends on what you do with your PC.
    i7 750 wins in multi-threaded apps like some games which benefit from Quadcore and some apps(like PhotoShop) but in non multi-threaded apps i5 630 performs better
  5. I would go with I5-750. It wins on all scenarios: Games, Heavy Apllications, etc.
    And now with DirectX 11 games will use better the multithreading capabilities, if avaiable. The i5 dual-core is just too expensive.
  6. Hi,

    Thanks for all your replies!

    I was going to use it for gaming and maybe a bit of Photoshop.

    I was considering buying this PC:

    However, I'm not really sure what the best configuration would be, and I don't want to spend too much if I won't notice the difference.

  7. I would buy the parts separately and build it myself because buying prebuilt systems cost more.
    Anyway if you want to buy from Dell,then go for either i5 750 or i7 860 instead of i5 650
  8. I too would recommend a "home" build.

    Generally speaking for a Lower end system it will cost you more, BUT you will have controll over the QUALITY of parts. Brand names generally will skimp on PSU, Memory, MB and GPUs. The PSU will meet the system requirement, but not offer much headroom and the quality is generally middle of the road. Your NOT going to get a Corsair PSU with that "store" bought Computer!!! Memory will normally be the cheapest they can get - ie High CL ratings, and the smallest size modules. If you decide to swap out memory you will normally have to replace all installed memory rather than just add to it. MB features may not satify current and future needs. Bios' is often "locked" which prevents some needed/desired changes. The GPU's are often "lowest contract" price than can find.

    As to saving money. The only time I've been able to "Save" is when comparing "High-end Systems. BUT as to the Lower-to-midrange systems the extra COST is well worth it.
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