I was planning a new build with the P55A-UD4 for a modest PC, but like most others I'm swinging between the Asus and Gigabyte camp for a P55 board.

After having seen the following unboxing video on YouTube, I think I'm sold on the Gigabyte :love:


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  1. Similar chipset motherboards perform almost similarly.. The real distinguishing factor comes from the features provided by the manufacturers and pricing (which is somewhat dependent on the branding and features).. So choose whichever looks good to you (board layout and aesthetics), has your required features and fits in your budget.. It is also good to study user reviews prior to making your selection/purchase.. On a personal note, for Intel platforms, i prefer Asus boards..
  2. Quote:
    has your required features and fits in your budget.

    exactly; usb 3.0, sata6, ......price-performance etc.....
  3. That yellow top and shorts sold me too!
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