Upgrading Video on Gateway OEM

Hi everybody!

I'm upgrading a Gateway model#510G. It's an older system manufactured in late 2001. I believe it has a 8x AGP slot. The current video card is a nVidia Geforce FX 5200. My aim is to run dual monitors with a new card. I'm asking for suggestions for a compatible upgrade that would support the monitors. The computer is not used for gaming; mostly internet & Excel spreadsheets.

The monitors are:
Gateway 22" w/ 1HDMI, 1DVI & 1SVGA input
Gateway 17" w/ 1 SVGA

I would appreciate any input/suggestions/comments you good folks have!

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    what is your budget?

    this is the best in AGP

    this is slightly cheaper

    almost the same card you can OC this and get similar results
  2. ^+1
    i think u will be fine with the last option, get the cheaper one... :)
  3. Thanks guys! I'll go with the 2nd option you listed there Upendra
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