USB ports will not work after installing Audigy sound card

When I got my XP Gateway PC, I had the sound upgraded to an CL SB Audigy 4 sound card. For my work, I had to downgrade the sound card (for the gameport connector) to a SB Live. I carried it to the computer guy and he swapped them out for me. In device manager, the sound card still showed Audigy 4.

I no longer work for that company and I decided to reinstall my "better" sound card. Thought it was a simple matter of plugging it in and maybe going online for new drivers from Creative Labs.

When I booted back up, the found new hardware wizard came up. BUT all of my USB ports would not work. I had no way to do anything. (I do not have a PS2 keyboard/mouse).

Took the Audigy 4 out and put the SB Live card back in, now everything is working normally.

What steps do I need to follow to swap out the cards?
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  1. No one answered, but the solution was to unplug all USB connections... except keyboard and mouse.
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