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Does the KFA2 GTX 670 OC 2GB have a reference PCB design

Hello, I'm looking to water cool my KFA2 GTX 670 OC (not the EX OC) 2GB graphics card.

I know the KFA2 GTX 670 has a reference PCB design and the KFA2 GTC 670 EX OC is a custom PCB design, but I can't find whether the KFA2 GTX 670 OC version is reference or custom. Does anyone know whether this card has a reference PCB design or is it custom?
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    We try not to comment on things we are unsure about. I spent a few hours trying to find out for you but did not come out with anything usefully.

    You need to do some research about disassembling the pcb from the heat sink I do this my self all the time. so it is 95% safe, however make sure your grounded, fast simple way is to touch your case every few minuets, so you don't short out the card. know that if you have a warranty it will be void after.

    after you have taken it apart you can compare to the reference photos witch you can find in goggle, if your unsure post a picutre here after.

    Again be carefully if you decide to do this.

    Good luck
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  3. Thanks for your input, I got word from kfa that it is an reference design.
  4. LOL I feel like a moron that I didn't even think about asking them directly. ahahaha
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