3850 agp problem

yes, i need to update to pcie 16
stupid problem with all steps along the way
1. installed 3850 including drivers no problem
2. week later downloaded updated drivers
3. after downloading the new drivers, i went into device manager and clicked uninstall on my 3850
4. upon reboot, no display, no post display nor windows splash
5. removed the card and booted
6. onboard works fine, install of old 6600gt works fine
7. put the 3850 back and booted with onboard. device manager does not show the 3850

anyone have any idea what the hay happened ? i would love to be able to use this card again. it was great for that week!
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  1. All I know from my experience installing a 4650 in my old AGP machine is that older machines can be picky about recognizing these newer cards and support for the drivers can be pretty spotty. First thing I'd try is to go back to the original drivers that were working -- unless you noticed some problems with them, if the card worked, don't mess with them.

    Also, sometimes once these machines "forget" a piece of hardware, the system needs a "kick in the ass" to go looking for them again. In my case, doing a CMOS clear with no card installed jump-started it into looking for it once I powered it back on. In another case I can remember, simply removing and reseating the CPU did the trick. So things like that might be worth a try if you continue to be stuck in software/driver hell.
  2. As capt_taco said best bet is to roll back to the old drivers - the newer AGP cards use an adapter that makes the system think they are actually a PCI-e card and since support for them has pretty much been dropped the newer driver versions do not work well with the AGP versions of the cards - I ran iinto the same type of problems with drivers for my 7800GS AGP before updating my system - After a certain point none of the new Nvidia drivers would work with the card.

    EDIT : in looking at the ATI drivers site they have a hotfix for the AGP versions did you install it ?? ( LINKIE )
  3. i understand what you both are saying. i no longer have a driver problem.
    capt_taco is on it though. my mobo does not see the 3850. it sees my 6200 and my 6600 and even a 3650 i borrowed. it just doesnt see the 3850.
    i bought it used to save a few bucks. all i can assume was the seller saw it on its way out and decided to get rid of it before it totally went out on him.
    i updated the drivers for it because the text in the connecting dialogue box on CS:S was garbled(random letters).thought a driver update would help.
    since doing this, and having the problem, i no problems with onboard or any other card.
    so did the card die or did i screw it up uninstalling it ?
    thats what im trying to find out.
    $50 for the card plus rma and repair costs or buy another card...that is the mystery
  4. The newer ATI drivers have problems with agp cards and require the hotfix I linked in the Edited post above to be installed before the drivers will work on the AGP versions of the cards (without it the Devices are not recognized and therefore would not be listed - have you tried installing the hotfix to see if the card is detected afterwards ??
  5. no. i assumed device manager would see the card after only putting it in.. let me dl the driver install it, then put in my card...again.
    be back in about an hour...

    i should add that installing the 3650 and the original install of the 3850 didnt need the drivers to find the card. device manager showed them right away.
    but i'll be back with some news.i saw someone else was having a problem somewhat similar to mine with an nvidia card

  6. You are probably on the right track ... let me just add this word of encouragement: I'm pretty certain that the card is not dead, and you will eventually get it working if you try long enough. These AGP cards have all kinds of quirky issues, and a lot of it is trial and error. Just be prepared to fight with it for a couple days, but there IS a way. It might not be something that you would even expect, but it will get going eventually.
  7. i give up, again.
    tried the new hotfix. reinstalled mobo drivers. screamed at pc. screamed curses at pc. talked to it all nice n soft. nothing works. im going to guess its good as dead and go back to my old 6600gt. only 35-40 fps in CS:S but at least its working.
    if anyone happens to have good ideas...just gimme a shot ok ?
  8. Did you try doing a BIOS clear with the card out? And are you sure you got rid of all the old nvidia stuff when you installed the 3850 drivers?

    Trust me, the card didn't just coincidentally die at the same time you did the driver change.
  9. ive done everything but update my bios. like i said earlier....a brand new 3650 installed and worked with no problem. thats why i cant figure out what happened.
    the only thing i could have screwed was clicking uninstall device in device manager to update the drivers...from then on i have not had 1 pixel of video output, even on post. all black screen from power on.
    i even wrote then called sapphire and they told me to return it so they could figure it out. im looking for someone with an agp slot to see what happens in theirs
  10. Here's the problem, you tried to update to a newer driver that did not include the AGP hotfix. The AGP hotfix drivers are not signed and it uses at least one older file. Hence when you try to install your 3850 now, your OS tries to find the certified, newer files it knows exist somewhere, and tries to ignore the outdated, uncertified files. It's possible your card died somehow if it's not giving you any video on POST.
  11. With your other card in go into windows and switch to the generic VGA driver by uninstalling the video device - shut down - install the new video card and start the boot process and see if you get anything on the monitor - if not does the card have more than 1 output ? If so shut down again switch to the other output and try again.

    WHen you have the card in does the fan on it spin ??
  12. @megaman..no. i was installing the hotfix. as i said, the card worked fine for a week other than scrambled text on CSS in the connecting to server dialogue box.
    now i dont have video at post. hotfix drivers have nothing to do with it.
    @jdfan..yes the fan spins. no i get no output at all on either dvi outputs. i also get no output on the svideo as far as i know. cant remember if i used the card or a different one.....and, no vid out to even switch the monitor on.
    @everyone...screw it. if i find a video card i'll buy it. if not, i'll wait and build a new gamer.
    thanks for trying to help everyone
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