5850 temps in crysis.

I just ran 3dmark 06 and was monitoring the GPU temps with MSI afterburner and after the test I noticed that the card had got as hot as 72c.

Now i'm just wondering if I should be worried about the cooling when i'm playing games like crysis for example.

PS. the card idles at 40c. and the fans are set to auto.
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  1. That's actually pretty low temps for full load. These cards frequently can hit 80C within Crysis.
  2. My 5870 reaches 76C within seconds after opening Dragon Age on max settings. Maybe start getting worried when it reaches 90C+.
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    There is no way I could play Crysis with the fans set to Auto - I always set them to 75% before starting.

    76C is good, 72 on auto is very good.

    These cards are fully capable of running at 90C - as long as you can get the heat out of the case......
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