Sata ports dying?

recently got a used system
mobo Asus A8N-E

didnt come with a HDD so i purchased a WD black caviar 1TB drive

installed windows 7 x64 onto it and
at first the computer was running fine
then every once in a while would turn off randomly and the HDD wouldnt get recognized in the bios and thus wouldnt/couldnt boot

at first i thought my new HDD was failing but after i tested it a bunch everything checked out, changed data wires and updated bios and all that... so decided to throw it in my old system and after a bunch of shutdowns and restarts it gets recognized every time no problem

so i threw the HDD back into the system with the A8N-E and the bios dosnt recognize it like 95% of the time now

im thinking my 4 sata ports are dead or dying???
any other way to check???

ALSO i noticed the little fan that says asus on it isnt spinning as well and in the bios the CHA1 FAN speed and CHIP FAN speed are both 0 (meaning broken?) would that burn out those ports or something?

anything i can do or try to fix it???
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    It looks like the motherboard is dying the little asus fan is to cool the chip set and is essential for trouble free operation. Yes it will burn out the chip set that holds the SATA controller.
    If it is not to late you can replace the chip set cooler.
  2. if i buy a pci card that gives me some internal sata ports would everything be fine or would other things eventually go bad because that fans dead??

    that is if it was too late for the chip set...
  3. The chip set controls everything on the board. It will need to be cooled if the sata controller is damaged the USB controller could be damaged to and so on.
  4. ahh ic so best to replace the chipset cooler and wutever is lost is lost cant get any worse once its replaced i hope?

    to double check i need a northbridge cooler correct? any recomendations or they all do about the same job?

    thnx for your help
  5. Yes it is a north bridge cooler. They have them fan less (bigger bulkier) or with fans but how they are fixed to the motherboard might vary.
  6. will i lose other stuff progressively since it might already be damaged or once thats replaced it should at least stay stable?

    (bios will detect an external optical drive that uses USB so i thnk those are still good last i checked anyway)
  7. It is hard to tell I have a old board where the cooler fell of while gaming and the only thing that does not work properly after fixing it is the IDE connections.
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