Boot to SSD only occurs on occasion

Hi all,

I just installed an SSD into my laptop but I am having a small issue. On computer start-up, the BIOS only ocassionally boots to the SSD, otherwise it says "no bootable device detected" and such.

What is the reason behind this? Should I switch the SSD to the other hard drive port?

~ Damian
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  1. Make sure your primary boot option is the ssd.
  2. Yes, I have done this multiple times. But the SSD only shows up in the BIOS sometimes. Other times only the HDD.

    If it helps, Disk 0 is HDD and Disk 1 is SSD.
  3. What laptop do you have? Does the hdd show up like this sporadically too? Did you make sure to connect all cables back in the right places? Sounds like a faulty drive or motherboard issue if both drives appear sometimes.
  4. The HDD always appears in the BIOS. I think I'll try switching the SSD to that port.

    My laptop is an ASUS G51J-A1 and I have put in a Samsung 830.
  5. Make sure your mobo is in ahci and that it supports sata3 too.
  6. Switching the port solved the problem. :)
  7. Could have been that it was plugged into a sata 2 port. Glad you got it working now.
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    same problem, i can tell you we did nothing wrong, the problem is either on windows (hopefully) or on the BIOS
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