I5 3570K: How well is the H100i?

Hey, since I heard Corsair released a revamped form of their H100, the H100i, I would like to know how it fares with the Noctua NH-D14. Anybody have any info?
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  1. from what I have read they fix the pump so its less noisy and better flow, added fans people will still replace, so about 2 degrees with stock fans and maybe a 1/2 to 1 after you add your own fans vs as is now.
  2. Here an article that will answer your question:

    Short answer is it was the best one out of the four tested in that case.
  3. I just got one my idle temps remained the same as the cooler master 612 when i tested my 3930k @ 4.6 GHz in the low 40's range BUT my temps at load were dramatically improved and ran in the low 50's range compared to the the mid 60's with the cooler master 612 and the cooler itself was much quieter than the old one. I normally keep my cpu running a bit slower when not benching though and it's nearly silent which is a major plus for me. So yes I would go with the h100 rather than the noctua, it looks better, you'll get a few degrees cooler, a 5 year warranty and it looks much better than the noctua NH-D12.
  4. The H100i looks better :). Noctua needs to re think their designs :).
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