Putting together my system, problem.

Hello everyone.

Thank you for the wonderful suggestions on the components of my rig.

I have one issue/problem involving my cpu fan and case fans and im not sure the best way of setting up my cpu fan.

my CPU fan is a Hyper 212 plus. motherboard is p6x58D premium

heres what i got (pics)



ideally i want the cpu to pull in Cool air and my exhaust fans to get rid of hot air, to do that i think i'd want the cpu fan facing down on my vid card because thats where the cooler air is going to be.....if i face it up it will be pulling the hot air at the top of the case and fighting my other fan...

Suggestions? or am i able to turn it side ways and face it towards my exhaust fan? this is my first intel system, and i thought you could only have the heatsink facing up or down, if i can turn it sideways please let meknow.

Thanks in Advance.
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  1. If you can turn it 90 degrees, I would recommend turning it, so it is pulling air through the HSF toward the back exhaust fan. If you can't, I would mount the fan on the HSF toward the PCI-e slot.
  2. so ideally fan toward my Dimms then?

    yeah im looking everywhere for someone showing this board and cpu fan off, to know if i can have it that way.

    My other builds the fan was always facing out from the motherboard (AMD)
  3. shadysquirrel said:
    so ideally fan toward my Dimms then?

    Your fan will work fine either way so don't beat yourself up too much on the HSF placement.
  4. ok im gonna remount my heatsink then and turn it i guess.
  5. great...i reseated my graphics card and the fan works on it just fine, but i cant get a display....
  6. Why did you have to reseat your GPU? Is it still in the first PCI-e slot?

    Read through and make sure to check off on each task to help with your troubleshooting... http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261145-31-read-posting-boot-problems
  7. I have mine setup like so hope it helps http://img402.imageshack.us/i/139tu.jpg/
  8. alright installing windows 7

    i had the memory seated inproperly i guess....i just have 2 sticks in atm. out of 6
  9. crap i cant get my asus PCI-G31 wireless card to work :O
  10. alright hows this for temps?

    CPU 43.5 Celcius
    Motherboard 39 Celcius
  11. is that idle or load? for idle that seems high for a hyper 212... for load its great.
  12. idle, im thinking my front panel fan is pushing air isntead of pulling air, im gonna take a look.
    plus the as5 needs to set yet :P

    nope that fan is pulling air in, and i got the cpu fan faced towards my Dimms, its pretty warm in here though too

    we have a pellet stove downstairs =/
  13. ah yes AS5 has a 200 hour curing time IIRC. So you will probably see that go down a tad bit :)
  14. in bios. CPU temp 42C, MB temp 39C

    used Hyper 212 plus CM cooler, 1080P 32" HDTV is my display on my HD5850 card. i still need to install the other ram modules, whats the best way to go about that?
  15. shadysquirrel said:
    in bios. CPU temp 42C, MB temp 39C

    used Hyper 212 plus CM cooler, 1080P 32" HDTV is my display on my HD5850 card. i still need to install the other ram modules, whats the best way to go about that?

    Well it might be in your best interest to run memtest86+ for a few passes before you stick the extra RAM in, i would, but that is me lol. Takes a few hours to do a few passes, so depends if you want to wait or not. but generally if you power everything down, (Flip the switch on the PSU ) touch the PSU, then put the ram in you will be fine. Touching the PSU first makes sure you are grounded. then on boot go into bios and set the ram to the correct timings.
  16. ok im in bios no idea how to set this up, there sso much info and they all say auto.

    its supposed to be 7-8-7-20

    DRAM Case# Latency [7?]
    DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay [8?]
    DRAM RAS# PRE Time
    DRAM RAS# ACT Time
    DRAM REF Cycle Time
    DRAM Write Recovery Time
    DRAM READ to PRE Time
    DRAM Back-To-Back CAS# Delay

    this is under AI Tweaker =/ thanks for the help in advance.

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