780i drivers on 680i

i did have a 780i mother board that failed iv orderd a 680i to replace it the question is will i need to do a fresh install or will the drivers that are all ready on my hard drive work ?
They are the same drivers for 780i/680i :pt1cable:
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  1. A fresh install of Windows and drivers would be your best bet.
  2. What processor are you going to use with the new motherboard? You know that the 45 nm Yorkfield quads are not compatible, right?
  3. parts i have
    cpu Q9550 im shure this cpu is supported
    ram 4gb 800mhz ocz sli or 4gb 1066mhz dominators
    graphics gtx 285 x 3 only 2 will go in
    drives 1x 250 gb ssd for os 3x500gb wd in raid 0+1 storage
    1200w bfg psu
    case lian li pc-p60 armour ;)
    dvd lightscribe
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