Help with a pc key starter

i want to put a key starter in my pc, by that i mean a lock that i insert the key into, turn it, and my pc powers on.

preferably, i would like one that once they key is turned, the key turns back and can be removed.

question is.... does anyone know if such a thing exists?

thanks in advance.
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  1. well mr youngster - such a thing DOES exist and its available at an online modshop called look through their products and you'll recognize what your looking for.

    is that the only store page they have?

    as there is nothing on there about key starters :(
  3. ok, it used to exist on their site :D :S though that was a long while back that I last visited the page
  4. ok, no worries, thanks for your help. any ideas anyone else ? :(
  5. Easy enough to implement but finding the key part is the hard part. The ones I see are ~$20 -$40. Basically your looking for a lawntractor/boat key with off-run-start positions.

    After cutting the front panel; power switch wires (you'll need the ones that go down to the motherboard) You wire the 'hot' or 12v feed to the motherboard front panel pwr sw- and the 'Start' to pwr sw+, and leave the 'run' disconnected. Your motherboard only uses a momentary contact like 'start' to turn on so thats how you'll turn on your pc. :-) just like starting a car except to turn it off by the key you'll need to turn it to 'start' again. You'll nbe able to turn it to 'off' at anytime and remove the key even if running but anyone will be able to click start>shutdown. No one will be able to turn it on without the key unless they open the case and jumper the switch.
  6. hey, any idea where i can get one of those ?

    thats is all i can find.

  7. I wouold check my local boating/lawntractor stores and repair centers. They probably have a few instock. I even found some at the golf cart store. Golf carts are like lawn tractors and take a generic key so if you dont want anyone to just take yours you have to replace the stock one ...

    Heres a cheaper one from the same online store

    Heres a Cole Hersee switch

    Heres one from Napa you may be able to have your local store order for you
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