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Hello, im fairly new to this forum, and its my first post, but I wa looking for some help.

Basically my PC has stopped working after I left it to run the ATI Catalyst to optimize my CPU settings, having already used it to do my GPU some time ago. My system is an MSI 870A G54, AMD FX 8120, Radeon 5750, Novatech 500w modular PSU, Corsair LP Vengence DDR3 2x4Gb, and various HDD and SSD. I run windows 8 Pro.

I left my machine running the ATI Catalyst, withit doing initial tests, but now ive got back to it it was off and wont reboot. Nothing atall. Ive unplugged the PSU and connected the green cable with a black on the 24in socket, with a couple of fans connected on a spare modular cable, all the fans connected turned on straight away along with the PSU fan. When I try with just the motherboard connected nothing happens.

Can anyone suggest what I should be doing or if you think something has gone bust, that would be much appreciated.

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  1. I was using the AMD Overdrive feature letting it auto-tune.
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