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which better intel or amd
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  1. Can't answer that question. What factors are important? You could get different answers depending on your criteria. For example:
    What's the fastest CPU out there, if money is no object?
    What's the best CPU to get for under $100?
    What's the best CPU to get for gaming and less than $150?
    Which CPU is best for single threaded apps?
  2. Yes, no, both, and neither?

    You just asked a meaningless question, they both make quality products, it just depends what your uses and price range are that determines which one is better for you.

    Now if you have a few chips you are considering post them and we will tell you which one is better, or if you are going from scratch post a budget and a set of intended uses and we can tell you what kind of system would work best for you.
  3. Bad attempt of a flame thread.

    Closing of this thread is otw I assure you. :)
  4. flame thread much?

    If it's a serious question then look around these forums for plenty of answers. Otherwise please take your troll bait elsewhere
  5. This question doesn't make any sense. It is like you questined the followings:
    Which is better? An ice-cream or a chocolate?
    Which is faster? A Lamborghini or a Ferrari?
    What is bigger? A pen or a pencil? :P
    Who can live longer? A chinese or a hungarian person? :P

    Okay, it sounded a little bit stupid, but I'm fed up with the "which is better"question - cause' everybody asks me this..
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