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Hey everyone,
Trying to OC my XFX 7870, but anywhere past core 1100mhz, memory 1450, I get a blue screen o' death. Ive seen people online get stable clocks at 1200/1450 in amd overdrive without changing voltage. Its crashing before the temps start to rise...Am I missing something?
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  1. sometimes you get a bad card that just cant OC... :( thats all it seems like
  2. Do you have multiple programs that can control your video card's OC/voltage? If so only have one enabled.

    Try stock settings and add 100Mhz to the gpu until you start getting errors. Then either back it down a little or raise voltage. Then when stable up your mem by 100Mhz at a time until you start getting errors. Back it down until stable then run stress test for a few hours. If no issues you might be good. If you get issues during stress test try raising the voltage as long as your temps aren't a problem. If that doesn't fix it or you have heating issues lower voltage and start lowering OC until stable.

    A game that will really test your CPU and GPU's OC is planetside 2.
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