BUDGET $50 for 3570k heatsink

I recently built myself a new computer with the 3570k as the cpu. I was a little upset after purchasing this chip because I didn't do any extensive research on the processor.

I found that a lot of people said the ivy bridge runs hotter than sandy. I wouldn't know this because I never owned a sandy bridge.

Well, according to Core Temp 1.0 RC4, I get around 27-31c when its between 0-5 load. When its at around 10-14% load, I get around 33-37c. While I am playing league of legends I get around 60c.

What would be the best cooler in that range and about how much would those coolers drop my temps?
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  1. There's nothing wrong with those temperatures.
  2. Those temps are not too bad. You could get a cheap Cooler Master 212+ EVO cooler which would make a big difference.
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