"Boxed" design vs simple cooler difference?

What's the difference, for the same graphics card, between having a "boxed" design or only having a cooler?

Example: For the GeForce GTS 250 1GB, the design from EVGA or XFX versus ASUS
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  1. If you have poor case air flow, the box will make sure that more hot air gets outta the case.

    Logic dictates that all things being equal (and they rarely are) open design should run cooler assuming that you have good case flow.
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    Main difference is the boxed coolers push the hot air out of the back of your system so can help keep your system cooler if heat is an issue - though if you have good airflow in your case so that the heat is not a problem then the non boxed coolers can run a bit cooler on the video card since they can get more air from the inside of the case instead of the limited airflow of the box.

    Which is best for you depends on the rest of the system you are putting it in - for smaller cases with limited airflow the boxed are a better choice while for larger cases with good airflow the non boxed card may actually stay cooler.
  3. Got it, thanks.

    P.S.: Am I supposed to choose a best answer between replies?
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