Help installing memory on my Asus motherboard!!

Hi guys I have a asus a8m2n-la (naos) motherboard that came stock with a simple 512mb of ram.


I recently have been upgrading my computer by putting in a radeon hd4650 (pcie) over the onboard and replacing the stock amd sempron @ 1.8ghz (am2) with a amd athlon 64 x2 5000+ @ 2.6ghz. Gaming goes pretty well except for the RAM which makes higher end games lag ALOT.
I want to upgrade the RAM to as high as possible, but the page linked says I am limited to 2gb. I want to put more than that, I need to know if it is possible, I also have the latest update of my BIOS.

I am stuck and do not know what to do. Please help members of the renowned toms hardware forums!!
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  1. I found two different answers for that board it says that one uses 2GB and the other 4GB... also if you are running xp or vista 32 bit there is no point in installing more then 3GB if the board even let you do that. I think you will be safe with 2 GB.
  2. OK thanks for your opinion and keep in mind there are 2 or actually 3 versions of the board
    the nodus and nodusxx something lol
    and then the NAOS which is what I have
  3. OMG it was a pain to figure out the MOBO is used in the HP Pavilion A1730N.

    You max is 4GB, so use two sets of 2X1GB CT764450 • DDR2 PC2-6400 {$92}

    Crucial -

    Good Luck!

    To verify goto - {input your PC info step 1-3}
  4. So I can put a max of 4gb without any problems??
    Oh yea and I forgot too mention there's only 2 ddr2 slots on the board
    If I have to, is it possible to add more slots?
  5. ^ What EXACT model HP/Compaq do you have? Then I can be definitive and correct.
  6. Compaq Presario sr2002x
  7. ^2GB MAX -

    2X1GB - 2GB is fine of Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit OS. And no it is NOT possible to add additional slots or go past 2GB with your MOBO it is a H/W limit. Alternative, is to replace MOB which on a Compaq Presario is nearly impossible; it would be easier to get new case and probably build a completely new PC.

    Good Luck and I hope this answered your questions!
  8. Ok that answers my question thanks!!
    But why is it nearly impossible to replace the mobo on my machine?
  9. If the I/O shield is welded on place then you'll need to cut it out with a Dremel and/or saw. Skilled/hobby people can do it.
  10. I have the same problem, beepings if i install memory to slots 2 and/or 4. The product specs of the board thells me i can put 4x1 GB of memory.

    I have searched for houers to find a solutution to upgrade my bios to 5.07 and at least i think i find a bit of light in the darkness. I've got the 5.07 .rom file but i don't know how ta flash a rom file. Can you tell me or is there an other solution found for this memory problem?
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