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hello Guy i juste need a good suggestion a got a BFG 8800GT still very good BUT!. im looking to have a better one so here my ting i GOT 400.00$ canadian dollard this as to include tax so wich video card you guy sujest me? thank for all the info you can give me
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  1. I suggest a 5850, starting at just under 300 canadian now, but can take a prefereable brand for a higher price and stay under 400CAD anyhow.

    Don't forget to include your PSU into deciding on an upgrade, since you didn't mention it.

    If you want nvidia, you might want to wait a month or two for news or arrival of the dx11 cards that are being released. Although, it is generally believed that the retail channel might be rather lean at release.

    Otherwise, if DX11 isn't important to you (you are running XP, or just don't care) there are some good ati and nvidia cards that would come under budget: GTX275 Co-op (has a dedicated physX unit built into it) $370 4870x2 $390

    For substantially less, you can still get a strong card that would be a solid upgrade from your 8800gt: GTX260s

    newegg,ca 4890s
  2. ok thank for the info i dont mind eny ati card but got a preference for those why? because after building my pc i fous out it was crosfire and NOT sli like the seler told me
    i was going for the ATI 4870 BUT looking thru the web iv seen a well it seem that the new or (dont know if it old) ATI 4890 this seem to be good as for my game i will almost use thise only for FSX aceleration and fs 2004 also thinking of going crosfire with two of those but all have to upgrade power curently got a 600 watt
    cpu is 8500 core 2 duo and 6 gig of hyper x ddr 2 mother board is P5Q-E
    the BFG 8800GT keep amazing me pur im sure i can have better also forgot to mention a m hook to 2 monitor for a resolution of 3360x1050 i play fsx setting almost top so do you thing its a good card the ati 4890? iv seen some review this card can OC easy to 10000MHZ about 250.00$ maybe one and later 2? after upgrade of psu or maybe it enuff? thank for all info guy im usally good ast this put why refuse all the geek help out there lol thank sry for my english
  3. I prefer ATI, simply because it is what I have used since I first started PC gaming many years ago, and am comfortable with them, always managed to find an ATI card in my budget that works well. Right now, their 5xxx cards are the only DX11 cards on the market (vista/7 only) and it is unknown what pricing strategy/performance level Nvidia's fisrt DX11 cards are bringing to the table.

    FSX is a CPU heavy game, and relies more on clock speed and core count for fps than GPU power, though a good GPU would be needed for the larger resolutions you are needing.

    A single 5850 would probably be the best choice, as it far outperforms a single 4890, uses a LOT less power than 2x 4890, is DX11, and would be a huge step up from your old card. Single cards avoid the complications of driver support issues that crossfire users sometimes encounter. You always get the use of your graphics with single card solutions.

    If you MUST go crossfire (understandable :D) then 2x 5770s would probably be the best bang for your money. They perform similar to 4870s + DX11. Plus the price of 2x 5770 is only a bit more than 1 5850, and for titles that fully support crossfire, will match or beat a 5870 ($400 dollar current top single GPU card)
  4. ok thank jofamang all take a look at those spec the 5850 and all comme back with the feed back thanl a lot apriciate
  5. Hey,

    Jofa's first instinct is right, a 5850 or 5870 is your most powerful choice in that price range.

    I would suggest the HIS or Asus 5850 models as they seem to be priced competitively around $300.

    For a little over $400 CA you could get a 5870

    Both are probably more powerful than you actually need.
  6. after looking at this card it seem very good but there another one wow! the ATI 5870 more expensive but man! did you see that card? truly amazing! can you give me eny feed back on that card ? thank alot
  7. Personally I think the 5850 is the better deal. Yes, the 5870 is faster, but not $100 faster.

    Toms review:,2433-2.html?xtmc=5850&xtcr=1
  8. deadlockedworld said:
    Personally I think the 5850 is the better deal. Yes, the 5870 is faster, but not $100 faster.

    Toms review:,2433-2.html?xtmc=5850&xtcr=1


    But it is faster. ;)
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