Crosshair 4 hard reset

I recently built a new rig and am experiencing some problems once I begin to put pressure on the thing causing it to recycle itself completly with no BSOD.

AMD Phenom II x6 1090T
Crosshair 4 Formula
(2x2) Gkill Ripjaw DDR3 *F3-12800CLD9-4GBRL*
300gb WD Velociraptor
Sapphire 5870 Vapor-x 2gb GDDR5
Thermal Take TR2 1200W
Windows 7 64bit Pro

What happens is the system restarts itself and the DRAM light comes on after I attempt to do anything fairly intensive
*ie play any video game* or just leave the system on for unknown random amount of time.

Things I've done to attempt to fix this so far.
Ran the system with no BIOS changes
Changed the timings & voltage from what GSKILL says they should be and what Asus says they should be for my Mobo
Upgraded to latest BIOS
Downloaded latest drivers for everything
Monitor temps of of CPU & VIDEO card *not having the northbridge problem other people are having*
Tried running either DIMM in any slot in Single Channel
Swapped RAM for another set of GSKILL my friend has and performed all above RAM related fixes
Ran a custom Prime95 torture test and came back with no errors.

I thought it had finally started working when I was actually able to run SC2 for 20 min but it failed when I closed out the game and attempted to launch another game.

I don't see how it kicks back a DRAM led if it could be something like my video card or maybe PSU cutting power to the system.

Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. In addition, I've narrowed down my search. It's no longer the video card, PSU or the RAM itself, or HDD / OS

    I've swapped out everything.

    Two things left... .. well 3 *CPU or Motherboard or Bios Settings*

  2. Firstly, although you may have done this before but, try to reset the BIOS to it's default.
    Le everything be on AUTO
    And do a minimum boot with just one of everything on the rig, Like one HDD, one RAM, one GPU nothing else.
    Check how far that takes you.
    And give a feedback again.
  3. Done all of that already. Also talked to a guy who had the same Mobo / Cpu / Ram combo as I did and I used his settings to no avail. I'll try my friends motherboard when I get back off vacation.

    Thanks for the input guys. It had been a pain for quite some time. Overdue for some time off haha.
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