Need Help Overclocking AMD FX-6300 With Gigabyte 970A UD3.

anyone know stable overclocking settings for this CPU to 4.0 GHZ using the Gigabyte 970A UD3 Mobo. If toy guys could teach me that would be awesome too. Im Nub
My temps on load are around 30c using Corsair H60 in Push Pull

CPU: AMD FX 6300
GPU: Radeon HD 7850 2gb
MOBO: Gigabyte 970A UD3 Rev 1.0 Update F6
Ram: Corsair Vengence 8gb 1866mhz
PSU: Corsair CX600 V2 600w
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  1. This is your Cpu Right?

    If i'm right Turbo boost is 4.1ghz instead of getting 4.0ghz go 4.1ghz without changing anything just disable Turbo Speed & change Cpu Clock Ratio to 4.1ghz & test & see what your high temps are!! I have to look more into on this Cpu to find out max temps & voltage it can handle!!

    Good luck bud
  2. Can Read from here for more information bout the Cpu!! This Site also can help you out if we dont help you out on this site!! & Disable CPU Spectrum in bios when you get a chance!!
  3. I have an FX-6300 cooled with CM 212+ and after a lot of trial and error here is what I have found to be stable for a 4.26 GHz Clock with max temps of 56C:

    Multiplier 20.5
    Bus Clock 208
    Turn Off Turbo
    Take almost all values off of AUTO in BIOS and put to stock unless otherwise mentioned here
    Leave Vdroop on Auto
    Keep Cool 'n Quiet on by default and leave other power savings at default as you see fit
    CPU Offset Voltage 0.075
    Set RAM speed to 1664
    RAM at 0.05V above stock
  4. For some reason I cannot adjust my voltage on my BIOS, I am using the same motherboard but when I try to change the voltage to a different number it turns back to Auto.
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